Riot Baits Fuzzy Beaver

Riot Baits Fuzzy Beaver, a soft plastic flipping and punching bait


The Fuzzy Beaver is the quintessential flipping and punching bait. It features Riot’s patent-pending Alternate Ridge Design (A.R.D.), giving the Fuzzy Beaver’s claws their unique aquatic signature. The Fuzzy Beaver’s chevron-shaped, serrated-body traps and naturally releases air bubbles, whether it is crawled, hopped or reeled in at a steady clip. The 4″ beaver-style bait is accented by enticing legs that provide constant, but subtle movement, even when the bait isn’t moving. These alluring legs have been designed to lay flat against the body of the bait as it moves through vegetation. It’s legs demand attention as they slowly flower open when the Fuzzy Beaver becomes still, subtly shimmying even in stagnant water. 7 per package.

Length: 4″
Colors: Riot, Blue Steel, Tidal Blue, Kush, Green Pumpkin, Edema, Orange Crush and Slayer.

The Riot Baits’ Fuzzy Beaver has been fished in our bass lakes by our staff. Its life like action is ideal for flipping, pitching and punching and imitating crayfish and bluegills.

Our staff is looking forward to talking about our experience with the lure. Buy online, stop in the store or give us a call at 973-835-2966.

Riot  Baits - Fuzzy Beaver soft plastic bass bait