Damiki Axe Blade (3/4oz)

A great multi-species bait that excels in cold water


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An extremely high quality tailspin bait the Damiki Axe Blade features a double hooks razor sharp hooks, one treble on the belly, and one double hook on the tail blade.  Good for Bass, Pike, Musky, Pickerel, Walleye, and large Trout the bait excels in cold water

The unique design of the rear hook also ensures it doesn’t interfere with the blade’s action or the other treble. A great bait for targeting suspended fish, cast and count it down to your desired depth, slowly retrieve it back to the boat, or use it for vertical jigging. It excels with schooling fish, whether cast or jigged

Available in a range of colors, the Damiki Axe Blade will help you make the most of your tail spinner fishing.

 Damiki Axe Blade, a tailspin blade bait

We have fished the Damiki Axe Blade baits and have had success on suspended bass.

Our staff is looking forward to talking about our experience with the lure. Buy online, stop in the store or give us a call at 973-835-2966.