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  • Damiki Vault

    from $6.25

    The Damiki Vault is a blade bait with lots of flash and reflection for use in cool and cold water temperatures.

  • Damiki Vortex


    Damiki Vortex 75 is a multi-species bait with vibrating action that shimmies on drop. Useful in cool and cold water temperatures

  • Fish Sense Binsky

    from $5.10

    Fish Sense Binsky - a blade bait for jigging, hopped off the bottom or a straight retrieve,

  • SteelShad Blade Bait


    The original SteelShad Blade Bait with its chrome finishes is a outstanding multi-species lure

  • Steelshad XL Blade Bait


    The SteelShad XL Blade Bait with its larger size provides a more powerful, louder, action to bring in larger fish.