6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD

A finesse crankbait for colder water and frontal conditions


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The 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD is a crankbait for finesse cranking for those tough, hard to catch days. It has a targeted depth of 4-7ft.
  • An awesome finesse crankbait for frontal and colder water conditions.
  • Accurately imitates smaller, younger baitfish.
  • Hunts erratically at maximum depth, eliciting strikes from feeding bass.
  • Dives 4-7 feet, targeting fish in medium depth.
  • Highly buoyant, rebounding and floating off of would-be snags.
  • Quieter rattle system doesn’t spook off warier bass.
  • Sticky sharp VMC black nickel hooks snag light-striking bass.
  • 3-D gill plates, eyes, and scales for a very lifelike appearance.
  • Custom quality paint jobs.

Available in a variety of colors, 1/4oz. 1.97″. The 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD crankbait is excellent bass crankbait whose erratic motion at maximum depth attracts strikes.

 Crush Mini 25MD by 6th Sense Lures

The staff of Tackle and Field has fished the 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD, especially after a frontal system moves through, on our northern NJ streams, lakes, reservoirs and rivers, and in the near-by states such as Pennsylvania and New York.

Our staff is looking forward to talking about our experience with the lure. Buy online, stop in the store or give us a call at 973-835-2966.