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Spybaiting Technique

duo-realis-spinbait-90Bringing the Spybaiting technique to baitcasting tackle, the Duo Realis Spinbait 90. Works great with line up to 12lb test. Now available at Tackle and Field in Komochi Wakasagi, Sexy Pink II, Prism Gill, and Ghost M Shad.

Designed for competitive fishing for use in stormy or unsettled weather, these spinbaits attract fish with several behavior including vibration, churning of the water, flash and reflection from the blades and a rocking motion.

Stop by and check them out.


New in store, Evoke Kayaks and NuCanoe

We now carry Evoke Paddlesports kayaks, models Navigator 100 (sand) and Vue 100 (Sunset and Citron) and the NuCanoe in their Frontier 10 and Frontier 12 models. Stop in and check them out. evoke-kayaks

The Evoke kayaks are comfortable, with no shift bottom seating and high back support, large storage and plenty of room for gear with plenty of rod holders and other accessories. 

nucanoe-kayaksThe NuCanoe kayaks are known for their stability, agility and comfort and are self bailing.


6th Sense Lures

We are excited by the addition of four new 6th Sense Lures crankbaits and jerkbaits to our online store. These bass baits are designed for bass and we have found them to be highly effective in Northern New Jersey and adjacent states lakes and streams.

Crush Mini 25MD a 6th Sense crankbait.The 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD is a crankbait for finesse cranking for those tough, hard to catch days. It has a targeted depth of 4-7ft. 

Provoke 106DD a 6th Sense jerkbait

The 6th Sense Lures Provoke 106DD is a medium to deep diving (4-7 ft) jerkbait for early spring and late fall bass fishing.

Provoke 106X a 6th Sense jerkbait

 The 6th Sense Lures Provoke 106X dives 3-6 feet in shallow to medium baits for early spring and late fall bass fishing.

6th-sense-snatch-70-blog-300x60A versatile lipless 6th Sense Snatch 79X is a crankbait for tough cover that can be fished through most covers and around structure.